Barangaroo Delivery Authority

Sydney 2011 to 2013

Barangaroo is a colossal redevelopment of Sydney’s Western CBD, covering 22 hectares with over $6B investment in the creation of new public, residential and commercial space, including the first new major park to be created in Sydney in decades. In 2011, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority needed to communicate the project to everyone in Sydney, building enthusiasm and anticipation in advance of the arrival of the built environment in 2015. 

Gorman/Birrell worked with Sydney’s Brand Council and Melbourne’s Emery Studio to provide scope and direction to the brand positioning and brand development for the entire Barangaroo precinct, including the brand and place architectures. During the development of the brand fundamentals, we advised on communications and campaigns for the BDA, and managed the execution of the Authority’s marketing activities across diverse channels. This included the planning and strategy behind special audience development including on-line audiences and the management of the Authority’s public consultation and polling.