Arrow Energy

Campaign Management 2014

Arrow Energy holds enormous coal seam gas reserves in Queensland. The success of the company is based on the effectiveness of its relationship with landholders on whose property they must install wells to tap reserves. In the urban areas of South East Queensland, Arrow provides the energy that powers almost every aspect of daily life, and yet they were virtually unknown. Arrow needed to be embraced by everyone with whom they did business.

Arrow’s CEO and Director of Communications asked Gorman/Birrell to refine the messaging and the reach of a four month campaign designed to get the Arrow brand in front of two completely different audiences. On the one hand, those in rural and regional Queensland had to know that Arrow was listening to their concerns about land and coexistence. On the other hand, urban dwellers and businesses in the population centres of the South East, needed to comprehend Arrow’s role in assuring the energy futures of the State. On-line and above the line, Arrow’s Because We’re Listening campaign resonated across the State.